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Celebrating Independence Day

It was a great turn out and an honor to be a part of the Caledonia and Green Lake Independence Day Parades!

246 years ago, 56 men came together and put their names on a piece of treasonous paper, a piece of paper that started the forming of a nation, a nation UNDER GOD, a nation where we had the freedom to worship God as we wanted, (which was one of the main reasons we came to America) King George (much like some people nowadays) took extreme gun control measures so that the people couldn’t fight back (resist)
But those brave men took the initiative, and found a way to fight back against tyranny.
So if you are tempted to call certain “actions” that happened in the last few months treasonous – just remember that this country was founded on fighting against tyranny, and the tyrants of the time called it treason.
Happy Independence Day, remember the brave men who committed “treason” and were willing to stand against the tyrants of that day.
Every generation has tyrants that we need to stand up to, do NOT be afraid to stand against them!! Sometimes all it takes is a few brave men and women to take the first step
Open your eyes and see for yourself, do not be a puppet and trust the narrative, or the news – they know they can control you so easily.



Green Lake

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