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Angela's Guiding Principles

What are the Key Issues?

Angela Rigas’s approach to public service is governed by five guiding principles: education first, lower taxes and less government, constituent service, true conservative values, and reforming healthcare.

  • Limiting government in our personal lives and in our small businesses is a priority for Angela. She will continue to work to make government more accountable to the people. Angela will also make sure government is efficient and effective in serving the citizens of our state.
  • A skilled and educated work force is a must for Michigan’s economy to move forward. Angela will work to improve our education system – from early education to high school as well as higher education. She believes educating our children is the key to a strong and prosperous economy and society.

Angela will always work to conserve our State’s rights and to strive to keep federal mandates from infringing on our personal and state choices. She will protect our right to choose our healthcare provider and plan.

Small businesses are the backbone of our state and a business-friendly environment is important to boost our economy. Angela will ensure our state encourages entrepreneurship, and protects small business owners from increasing regulations and taxes. She will work to get our economy back on the right track.

Angela is committed to serving the people in her district and to working to move our state forward. She has a servant’s heart and an “open-door” policy to hear your concerns and suggestions on how state government can better serve the people.

True Conservative Values

She is glad our constitution has been changed to define marriage as between one man and one woman; now, she will support judges who uphold that definition and the intrinsic value of the family core.


She is committed to ensuring gun owners and sportsmen who abide by the laws are able to keep their guns without government interference.

Michigan First!

Michigan First!

  • Transparency is CRITICAL to insure free and fair elections we can TRUST
  • Support for full forensic audit to confirm election results and insure that all LEGAL votes are counted
  • Election Integrity is a non partisan issue
  • Criminal conduct should not be tolerated or rewarded
  • Illegal immigration harms Michigan citizens and LEGAL immigrants
    I support Law and Order

Support Constitutional sheriffs, police, and first responders

I come from a military family.  Both Grandfathers served in WWII – one losing his leg during battle was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.  My extended family served in the Civil War, WWI, Korean War.  Several of my direct ancestors served in the Revolutionary War.

The fact that veterans struggle to find employment, health care and housing is unacceptable. We are forever indebted to these brave men and women for their sacrifices for our freedoms.

I support all innocent human life which starts at conception.

I support pregnancy resources and education programs and adoption reform.  The price of adoption should NEVER be the reason a loving family is denied the chance at starting a family.

I fully support the Constitution of both The United States of America and Michigan.  We are blessed by the longest standing Constitution in the history of the world.  The Constitution is NOT a “living document” – it was perfectly written as not only to outline our God Given rights, but also to limit and constrain the powers of government.

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