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Angela Rigas, candidate for State House of Representatives, signs Contract with Michigan

“I believe and live by everything in this pledge,” Rigas said as she signed the Contract with Michigan in the presence of attendees at a Patriot Breakfast held in Caledonia on January 14.

Photo by Jo Demarco

January 24, 2022: Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME) announced that Angela Rigas, candidate for Mich. House of Representatives, has signed its Contract with Michigan. If elected, Rigas pledged to honor the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions and to work to restore election integrity throughout the state. Her district, the 79th, entails Caledonia, Byron Center, Gaines Townships in Kent County; Thornapple, Irving, Rutland townships in Barry County; and Leighton Township in Allegan County.

“I believe and live by everything in this pledge,” Rigas said as she signed the Contract in the presence of attendees at a Patriot Breakfast held in Caledonia on January 14. 

The candidate joins a select few in Michigan to receive an endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump. “I’m honored to have President Trump’s endorsement,” she said and shared a copy of the document dated Dec. 13, 2021. 

“I love people who love America and know we have to fight the Deep State to take
America back. We need great leaders to rise up and continue that fight for our values.
Angela Rigas is a committed fighter. She is a champion for America First and for
documenting the 2020 voter fraud, and an amazing American. She embodies the spirit that
made America great, and it is no surprise to me that she is related to Revolutionary War
heroes. Mom of four boys, Angela stood toe to toe in court against Michigan’s disgraced
shutdown Governor Gretchen Whitmer and crazed Attorney General Dana Nessel. She’s
not afraid to fight and not afraid to lead. That’s exactly what Michigan needs right now. I
wholeheartedly endorse Angela Rigas for Michigan State Representative.”
–Donald J. Trump

Jo DeMarco, a resident of Kent County and active supporter of the grassroots group PIME,
introduced Rigas to the Contract with Michigan and was present when she signed. “I’m enthusiastic about seeing Angela elected to the House,” Demarco said. “Based on her values and
patriotism, I knew she’d want to sign the contract.”

Rigas joins a growing list of Candidate Signatories to the Contract with Michigan, cosponsored by nine grassroots organizations (below). In signing, she pledged to protect and
defend a dozen citizen rights and needs:

1. The right to honest, transparent, fair, and accountable elections run by the State
legislature, not by the federal government
2. The right to free speech
3. The right to keep and bear arms
4. State rights
5. The right to liberty and protection against invasion of privacy through the abuse of
technology or bureaucratic agencies
6. The right to due process and the rule of law in an impartial and blind judicial system,
and funded and functional police and sheriff systems that protect the citizenry and the
7. The need for an educational system that nurtures student understanding of the noble
principles in the US and State Constitutions, including the right to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness
8. The right to private property
9. The right to protect the nation against invasion, and the need to preserve the nation’s
10. The need to protect and defend the nuclear family and parental rights
11. The need to encourage job creation through pro-growth tax and monetary policies that
adhere to fiscal responsibility with no new taxes.
12. The right to secure borders and the need to uphold and enforce immigration laws

Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections started with a
handful of concerned citizens in January 2021. Since then, the group has grown to more than 520 supporters statewide. As a grassroots group committed to helping restore election integrity
to Michigan elections, PIME analyzes election legislation with an eye toward closing gaps and opportunities for abuse by those who would undermine free and fair elections. The group works
to achieve maximum transparency, checks and balances, ethics, and integrity in election law. PIME is a peaceful, issue-based, nonpartisan political movement that welcomes all who support election integrity and the US and Michigan Constitutions. Email:


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