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It's time to secure Michigan's elections, streamline the government, and open our state.

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Defender Of The Constitution

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty

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Working Hard To Make A Difference

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Michigan First!



Transparency is CRITICAL to insure free and fair elections we can TRUST. Support for full forensic audit to confirm election results and insure that all LEGAL votes are counted.



Criminal conduct should not be tolerated or rewarded. Illegal immigration harms Michigan citizens and LEGAL immigrants. I support Law and Order. 



The fact that veterans struggle to find employment, health care and housing is unacceptable. We are forever indebted to these brave men and women



I support pregnancy resources and education programs and adoption reform.  The price of adoption should NEVER be the reason a loving family is denied the chance at starting a family.

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About me

Defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Voice for the voiceless students, children, and veterans. Healthcare Choice, Freedom, and Privacy for ALL Michiganders!

Angela is a life-long Michigan resident having grown up and attended school in Hastings, Michigan.  She currently resides in the Alto, Michigan area in Kent County with her husband, Dave, and their four boys, two dogs, and four cats. 


Michigan Health Choice Alliance

Michigan Health Choice Alliance

Michigan Right To Life

Michigan Right To Life

Political Action Committee

Great Lakes Gun Rights

Great Lakes Gun Rights

Political Action Committee

Paul Sheely

“I strongly support Angela Rigas for representative of the Michigan 79th District. Angela is a Constitutional Conservative and has demonstrated she is willing to fight to preserve our liberties. She is Pro-Life and upholds the family values that have made our country strong. She believes our election process should be beyond reproof and registered voters should never have to wonder whether malfeasance took place. Angela supports law enforcement and the Rule of Law. If your values align with hers, I encourage you to vote for her. She will fight for the things we hold dear.”

Paul Sheely

Chief, Dutton/Cutlerville Fire Departments (Retired)

Daren Wiseley

“Angela displays an unapologetic commitment to fight for the Liberty interests of Michiganders and uphold the Constitution. Her courage and principles are exactly why she will make an exceptional leader in fighting the Lansing Swamp. “

Daren Wiseley

Hillsdale Republican Party Chairman

Tom McMillian

“The Left is in full assault mode, against our kids.  CRT, Common Core, transgender agenda…there’s a real battle going on for the souls of our kids and we need Angela Rigas in a leadership role as soon as possible. I fully endorse Angela for State Representative. She’s a solid, constitutional conservative that we can trust.”

Tom McMillan

State Board of Education.

Matthew DePerno

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Angela Rigas for State Representative!

Matthew Deperno

Candidate for Michigan Attorney General

Tim Morris

“Angela is a proven advocate for Parental Rights, and a candidate you can trust to defend family values.”
Tim Morris, Caledonia Community Schools, Trustee, Board of Education.

Bernedette Smith

“I have known Angela Rigas for several Years. Angela is a constitutional conservative and a fighter. She is a true MOMA BEAR. She will fight for the 79th District in Lansing. I fully endorse Angela as the next state rep for the 79th district.”
– Bernedette Smith MIGOP Ethnic Vice Chair

(Tony) J. Noto

“Endorsement for Angela Rigas, 79th District for House Representative     By definition an endorsement is an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.    As a retired educator and restaurateur I was driven to run for the 72nd District House Representative in 2016 and came in 2nd to House Representative Steve Johnson.  I ran on the principles of Integrity, Common Sense, Business and Education.  I believe that Angela has displayed actions that have aligned these same principles as well and then some.  She is full of energy and is determined to do what is right.  As I also firmly believed and supported “balls are balls and strikes are strikes” which means what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.    Please do your homework and make certain those who get involved in this political journey are truthful, knowledgeable, professional and will not be a puppet to past political falsehoods.    Let’s turn this state around by supporting and doing these simple steps:  take care of the family, take care of the street, take care of the school, take care of the city, take care of the state, take care of the country and finally take care of the world.    I fully endorse Angela Rigas who has dedicated herself to do an awesome job in getting us back on track.  “United We Must Stand!”   Respectfully,     Anthony (Tony) J. Noto”

Commissioner Stan Ponstein


Stan Ponstein

Kent County Commissioner

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

American singer, songwriter, guitarist and activist.



Stand Up Kent County

https://angela4mi.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/IMG_3902.movIt was an honor to speak at the Stand Up Kent County meeting. During these times, it is refreshing to see so many liberty loving, …


SUM Allegan County Meeting



2000 Mules Virtual Premiere

The 2000 Mules virtual premiere, sponsored by the CTE Angela Rigas was held last night at Notos Old World Italian Dining.  It was a packed …

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